Resources for AO Families

I’ve written a few blog posts with resources for families using the Ambleside Online curriculum, and I think it might be helpful to have those posts organized in an accessible way.

Suggestions for adding diversity into the Ambleside Online curriculum based on my experience teaching my children:

Here are the completed chapters from my edited version of This Country of Ours by H.E. Marshall. Edits have been highlighted in bold so that parents can see what has been changed. I left it as a document file even though I usually prefer PDFs so that the bold text can be removed once the parent or teacher has reviewed the edits.

More coming soon!  

Here is the list of Year 3 chapters that I felt had “dealbreakers” in them. These are the chapters that I will prioritize editing: Substitutions for TCOO AO Y3. I plan on working through as much of the book as I can after that.

The Little Duke (Year 2)

I loved this book, and I have made some fun resources for other AO families! Enjoy:

  • A new coloring page and samples of my sister’s and my new print edition of the The Little Duke! I will share more progress as we get closer to a release date!

I hope that these resources are helpful!