Charlotte Mason Geek is a project that I started in order to give back to the Charlotte Mason home schooling community, especially the hard-working volunteers at Ambleside Online. The AO curriculum is a remarkable and selfless gift to parents and children, and I am especially grateful for the positive impact that this curriculum has had on my family.

I am the adoptive parent of two children, and we have been following Ambleside Online’s curriculum for three years. Over the years, I have aligned our studies more and more closely with Charlotte Mason’s original methods as I have seen how effective they are, and I have fully embraced her philosophy as the foundation of my children’s education. This commitment may seem all the more surprising when I admit that I am not a conservative Christian, but a Unitarian Universalist. Many secular and non-Christian home school families may be put off at first by Charlotte Mason’s strong Christian faith. If you are not familiar with her, I hope that I can convince you to suspend judgement of her curriculum long enough to learn about her methods because they are very well-suited for modern families. To see my overview, see The Charlotte Mason Method.

Some of the topics that I will be exploring on this blog include:

  • Researching Mason’s ideas in the light of modern research, questioning what is true and not true, and experimenting with adaptations as needed
  • Integrating technology into a CM homeschool
  • Bilingual education, including developing resources for learning Spanish
  • Topics in diversity, including Unitarian Universalist and Buddhist resources
  • Disabilities and how Mason’s approach works when kids don’t follow a “typical” trajectory
  • And other topics as they come up in day-to-day life!

Thank you so much for taking the time to join me on this project. I look forward to learning together!