Exciting News – And a New Coloring Page!

I am so, so excited to share that my twin sister has fallen in love with The Little Duke, thanks to the influence of Ambleside Online in our lives!

This is a big deal because my sister works in the wonderful world of publishing, and she has decided to collaborate with me on publishing a new edition of The Little Duke with helpful resources and illustrations! I’ve learned so, so much about illustration since I designed those coloring pages and that map over a year ago, and I am excited to share some of my *new* work on this story that I love so much!

To give you an idea of where we are going with this, here is a two-page spread with a newly designed map and a character list! (This is a low resolution image, just a teaser!)

I am absolutely planning on leaving up my free resources, both now and after publication, for any and all to use. I am just SUPER excited to make a book for the first time!

We are working on an unabridged version first. It will have a character list, map, glossary, updated author biography, black-and-white illustrations and possibly a few other features, but we are still working out the details.

Afterward, we would like to make a *lightly* modernized version that my sister would use her experience as a professional editor to break up some of the longer sentences and add more contextual cues to help modern readers interpret the challenging vocabulary. We don’t want to dumb it down! Just make it slightly more accessible for readers who need it! Charlotte Yonge wrote it as a serial novel in a magazine, so that impacted the way that she structured it as well.

I will share more details as we get further along in the process, but I hope that you are excited as I am to see another option!

If there is another book that you would love to see an updated version of please let me know, and my sister and I will take a look and see what we can do!

Also, because my other coloring pages have been a big hit, here is a new one for you! I have moved toward a slightly more realistic illustration style, so Richard does look different from the older coloring pages, but I hope you like the new direction! (Click here for a link to the PDF version: tld_ch1_richard_tells_a_story!)

2 responses to “Exciting News – And a New Coloring Page!

    • Hi Molly! Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused a bit of disruption for us, so this book is not coming out in time for this school year. I really wish we’d been able to finish it in time!! It is definitely still in the works and is a project near and dear to my heart. 🙂


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