Map for The Little Duke

**My twin sister and I are designing a new (unabridged) edition of The Little Duke that will include an updated, black & white version of this map in the text!**

I recently started putting together a set of coloring pages for The Little Duke by Charlotte Yongewhich is scheduled during Year 2 of Ambleside Online’s homeschooling curriculum. When I read it with my kids, I never did find a map that showed all of the locations that are mentioned in the book. So, I decided to draw a version especially for the book.

During the process of researching this map, I found an additional history book called The First Three Dukes of Normandy and of England by Sir Francis Palgrave, K.H. Volume II recounts the story of Rollo, William Longsword and Richard the Fearless. It was published in 1857. I believe that Charlotte Yonge’s The Little Duke was written in 1864 and may have been based on this history because of how closely the details match. Andrew Lang also includes a chapter about Richard the Fearless in The Book of Princes and Princesses. You may find both of those books to be helpful for understanding more of  the context of Yonge’s story. They are both available online as free out-of-print e-books.

Before sharing the map, I need to make note of what you will *not* find there. The home of Richard’s friend Alberic (Montemar-sur-Epte) does not appear on the map because I could find no place with that name or a similar French name in the area that is referred to in the story.  There are several possible explanations. First, Alberic’s story may be entirely fictional and added by Yonge for the sake of the story. It’s possible that she had a historical source that I don’t. It’s possible that she recorded the wrong name. There is a small town near St. Clair-sur-Epte that is called Montreiul-sur-Epte that could be it. Either way, it isn’t on the map, but the location would be very near St. Clair-sur-Epte.

Here is the map for you! I hope you find it useful! (Right-click the image to save and print.) Here is a link to the PDF version as well: Little_Duke_Map_2


*I have added a new coloring page as well!

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